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How to prepare football player reports.


Coach prepared reports are sent direct to the free Football Sessions - Player app.

Players can collect, file and analyse their assessments in app. 


A self assessment feature is also included as a quick tool for players to rate themselves against age specific benchmarks.


Football related resources complement players learning and development.

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Collect Reports

Coach generated reports are sent direct to the Player app for collection.

File in app

All reports are in one place to self monitor improvement and are a great reference point when transferring club.

Self Assessment

Players can create a self assessment to share and start discussion on performance or position in the team with the coach.


A package of resources is available in-app to complement learning. Topics include nutrition, position specific responsibilities, fitness, goal setting, home training and more.


Provides additional information about assessment of players - why, how and the benefits. 


Share your self assessment results to social media #footballsessions

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