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 While perfectly suited to individual coaches looking for a specific practice, the Coaches app also provides Club Academy Managers and Technical Directors with a consistent programme and player profile generating tool for all their coaches.

With a choice of a Community Development Programme or an Advanced Professional Pathway, the full Football Sessions - Coach app is suitable for coaches of grassroots, recreational and club football as well as for coaches (and players) training within academies, high performance and excellence pathways.

Professionally prepared in-depth content to motivate performance.

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1000+ football soccer training drills


Delivering fresh inclusive sessions every time can be achieved with the comprehensive range of content provided for each practice.

Filters easily find practices that you can create and save into multi-layered sessions. Each practice is age and ability level specific that extend to a full range of themes from warm-ups to attacking set plays.

Each theme offers types of practice like skill based, technical, modified small sided games or conditioning, plus a complete range for goalkeepers.


And to ensure success for you and your players a set of key factors, learning outcomes and focus areas are provided for in-depth comprehension of each practice.


Two Pathways

For players or coaches of grassroot community football or professional pathways within high performance or academy football.


Practices can be filtered by age, ability, position and a range of themes and types of practice to custom build sessions to suit all coaching situations.

Off-line access

Always have access to your planned sessions by being able to access even when off-line.


A full range of goalkeeping practices for players aged from 11 years.

Name, date and save

Plan and build the session from warm up, technical practice, skill practice, small sided game or conditioning before getting to the pitch. Save and reference for later.

Bookmark Favourites

Search the extensive range of practices and bookmark favourites for quick access.

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The Coaches app offers an industry first player profile reporting ability.  Coaches can create a dynamic professional report in minutes that generates directly to the free Football Sessions Player app for collection. 

Three types of report, with specialised prompts to guide an accurate assessment, are available:-

  • Initial Assessment - perfect to make a first time overview to benchmark players from six years to senior levels and goalkeepers from u11s. 

  • Comprehensive Evaluation - an in-depth report focusing on technical, tactical, physical and psychological elements of players from six years to senior levels and goalkeepers from u11s.

  • Optimum Report - for coaches and talent scouts to produce a top-level evaluation linking the key elements to specific playing positions including goalkeepers within 11v11 competition from u11s to professional football.

The tool features the ability to brand the report with the club logo and colour. It can also be sent via the app to Technical Directors or Club representatives.