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Nuts and bolts support for grassroots coaching

Johan Cruyff will be remembered as an exceptional footballer and a one-of-a-kind manager with a revolutionary style of playing. He not only changed the history of teams like Ajax and FC Barcelona but his philosophies have influenced the way football is played around the world today.

Much of Cruyff’s thinking is encapsulated in his quote “Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing”. He also stated that “football is a simple game made complicated by coaches”.

This sentiment along with the effects of the pandemic on grassroots football, led us to think how we might support the game most effectively.

Good practices are the ones that teach players specific skills that have purpose to see tangible improvement in their performance. As time is limited it is vital that planned training sessions are maximising time while allowing players to understand the principles of the game. Equally important is to create an enjoyable and worthwhile experience while they are learning. EASY.

Today’s technology, for all its wonderful benefits, has meant that information on anything can be found by simply surfing the net. This abundance of information, sometimes contradictory can be confusing, time consuming and inconsistent for coaches looking for suitable practices.

While there is much great content across every platform, there is also concern for the burgeoning coach to determine if the content is suitable for the group of players that they coach. Consideration of whether the content is age appropriate, the level of ability, and the relevance for the player as to what needs to be learned.

Another consideration is the cost of buying a subscription to a specialised coaching product especially if purchasing for all coaches within a Club.

With all this in mind, we have chosen to offer our grassroot Coach and Goalkeeping Coach app content for FREE.

We have always believed that better coaching will develop better players and the more players enjoying their experience will lead to an increased growth of the game at all levels.

This is a genuine offer to support grassroots coaching. We have gone back to the nuts and bolts to support every coach and player with a tool that can be used as the go-to-place for all practice requirements. Our in-depth content covers the Technical, Tactical, Physiological and Psychological aspects of the game and is age specific and structured to the players ability level (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced).

In addition, we have included our Player Report making system within the FREE apps so that players can be regularly monitored. This allows for a true assessment of the aspects of their game that are on track and others that might need further improvement. Of course, this also allows the coach to plan further content from the 1000+ practices to support the needs and requirements of the individual.

Get the Football Sessions – Coach app for Android here or Football Sessions - Coach for Apple devices.


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