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Session Planning for Success

Planning is key to delivering consistent and productive training sessions and though many coaches struggle with the luxury of time, there is help at hand.

Coaches generally do not have much time to plan a detailed session but depending upon experience, some are able to quickly set up something that can be progressed based on the group’s performance.

Less experienced coaches that have not planned ahead, might simply set up a game and hope that the players learn without much technical support.

Players deserve to receive a worthwhile, enjoyable and constructive experience each time they attend an organised training session. Every coach should commit to ensuring each player is enjoying their football.

With all this in mind, the Coach app has been developed to support coaches to find the ideal practices based on required theme, age, playing ability levels and methods of practice.

The coach is supported with 100s of themed practices which combine to create a full training session right through to a full season’s range of content.

Coaches can work through from the initial warm up, technical practice, skill themed practice, through to a modified small sided game to tie everything together. In addition, the app has lots of detailed information for coaches to use in the resources section - all quick to access and very simple to navigate.

Session planning using the app becomes effective and successful because players are receiving relevant, enjoyable and challenging practices tailored to beginners, intermediate and advanced groups.

Coach Requirements for Planning a Session

1. Work your coaching time effectively to fit the duration of the training session;

2. Have the basic equipment that the practice requires (generally balls, bibs and markers);

3. Then use the Learning Outcomes, Focus Areas and Key Factors that are all comprehensively included on each of the chosen practices to identify the coaching detail for when and where it is required;

4. Make VARIATIONS to the practice where necessary such as changing the size of the playing area or increase/decrease the challenge based on players success.


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