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What's in a name - football or soccer?

We’ve gone with the use of the word football but are equally happy with soccer.

For us participation in the game is of the most importance. We take great pleasure in knowing that more than 200 million people play the game on a regular basis.

There's nothing like the look of delight that playing football brings to the faces of young players.

Both names have been around for decades with football being quite obvious in its origins and ease of understanding – not hard to picture, foot and ball.

Soccer (or its variants of socca, socker) originated from a slang version starting in 1889 shortened by university students as an abbreviation from association. Unlike rugby to rugger, association to socca was a bit of a stretch but there you have it.

Whatever your preference, coaching the game is a totally worthy occupation. Millions of young players regularly take to the pitch and entrust their football (or soccer) education to coaches, hoping their knowledge will help them achieve their dream of reaching the professional game.

We provide our practice and reporting tools for a fresh idea, a method to improve a particular aspect, or a feedback mechanism to monitor progress – all to inspire coach delivery for the benefit of a world full of players of the beautiful game.


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