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Player assessments - app to app

How are you making your player reports in this modern world? Are you still spending a lot of time writing out assessments?

You can now produce player profile reports in-app and deliver them to your players, direct to their own app.

The Initial Assessment could be run pitch-side. However, to make a professional assessment the Comprehensive Evaluation and the Optimum position specific report should be prepared with time to give full consideration to your players.

The question and hint criteria within the coach app uses the universal Four Corner Model covering the technical, tactical, physical, mental and emotional characteristics of each player.

Coaches within clubs reporting to Technical Directors or Academy Managers can use this tool to send a copy to a nominated club representative. The reports can also be branded with your club colour and logo.

When produced, the reports are delivered in pdf. So if you’d rather have the assessment conversation with your players or parents with a paper copy, reports can be printed.

Whichever way you choose, providing players with assessments to support their development, monitor their progress, and to jointly set goals is good coaching practice and can now be done app to app.

Get the Football Sessions – Coach app and the Football Sessions – Player app for Android here or


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