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Why Player Profiling is important to the continued development of players

It goes without saying that the goal of any football-based assessment is to get an indication of a player’s level of ability. More crucially to a player’s development is having a well-informed starting point from which to build, so that specific aspects of training can be implemented to maximise the needs of the individual.

Whether it’s Grassroots or High Performance coaching, the method of producing an assessment needs to:

  • provide a reasonably true indication of skill level

  • be relatively easy to score and administer

  • be fair to all involved and minimise bias by being consistent.

A Player Profile Report must also cover the industry acknowledged areas of the Four Corners of Development model - Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological including social and emotional.

Illustrating the key aspects of the player assessment app tool which delves further into specific attributes and are age appropriate focusing on aspects of the developing player.

Inside the Football Sessions – Coach app and the GK Coach app, there are three templates to produce a Player Profile Report. They are - an Initial Assessment, a Comprehensive Evaluation and an Optimum position specific assessment.

Benefits for assessments include:

  • To enable coaches to plan specific sessions based on the needs and requirements of the players. A personalised development plan can be created to focus on a player’s specific areas that require improvement.

  • To monitor improvement in players to help motivate players.

  • For Clubs to have knowledge of the depth of their squads.

  • Useful for parents to see the value in the work that is being done with their children and to justify and encourage players to stick with the club/programme.

  • Due to the ease and speed of creating a report, the player can be profiled at the beginning of the season, mid-season and end of season for progress monitoring.

  • Keeping progressive reports throughout the season will help to benchmark ready for the new recruitment for the forthcoming season.

  • As coach, you can see and be satisfied that your contribution has made a difference.

  • Parents and players are kept well informed.