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Which football pathway?

Ensuring your session is age and ability level relevant.

You’ve seen a training practice but how do you know it is relevant for your players? Who are your players?

One of the first choices to get your session building underway is to select which pathway of the football industry you work within.

Depending on where you coach in the world, the two main pathways are universally similar albeit with different names.

We offer relevant practices for both Community Development Programmes and Advanced Professional Pathways.

The Community Development stream nurtures first time participants, develops millions of youth players and provides an essential platform for the world’s club, community and school football.

The Advanced Professional stream is for players (and coaches) training and playing within Youth Academies, representative competition and senior semi-professional football.

Having made the choice of pathway in which you coach, then the app’s easy to follow filters take you straight to a choice of relevant practices.

The Football Sessions app content has been designed by industry professionals ensuring the programme, age and ability levels, and practice relevance align with the globally accepted Four Corner Model for Community and Professional pathways.


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